We make Crammables: Hassan and Lacy

Hi! We’re Hassan and Lacy, and we make Crammables.

We started Crammables because engineering school can be rough, but it doesn’t have to be!

We know that being a rock star student is a skill that is learned—not something you’re born with or something you’re taught in class. And we have helped hundreds of engineering students just like you become expert university students, confident test takers, award winners, and world-class professional engineers.

Here at Crammables, you’ll learn the skills to:

Essentially, we created Crammables to help students like you slay engineering school and make the most of their time in university.

We share the strategies and wisdom we developed over our combined 15 years of engineering school (each graduating as the top engineering student from our universities), dozens of years tutoring and being university TAs, and 6 degrees…all to make your life easy.

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Looking for another uni course? We’re busily bringing our signature Crammables exam review courses online, where we dive into a specific engineering course so you learn hack exam points and know exactly what to deliver to ace your exam in the shortest time possible.

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We’re stoked to have you with us! We know that engineering school can be a bit tricky sometimes, so we’ll make sure that you have everything you need not only to pass your classes, but to outshine anything you imagined possible.

Because the world needs more remarkable engineers like you.

You got this!

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