Bedtime Routine to Get to Sleep Before an Exam

Can’t sleep? We gotchu. Let’s get you some shut eye—or at least a little rest and relaxation. We’ll walk you through relaxing into sleep, no matter what’s happening tomorrow.

Before You Begin

First make sure that you’ll have no reason not to cozy into bed at any point you get sleepy during your video.

  1. Get everything prepared for bed. Set any alarm you need for the morning. Make sure you have anything you need for sleep in place.

  2. Write a quick list of what you need to do in the morning and put it in another room. You don’t need those thoughts swirling around in your head.

  3. Make sure you’re ready for bed. Teeth brushed. Bladder empty. In your most comfortable jammies. (If you sleep commando, make sure you have a blanket handy so you don’t get cold.)

  4. Grab a cushion or pillow to sit on, if it’s more comfortable for you.

  5. Turn off all lights and turn your screen brightness down all the way.

  6. Find a comfortable seat on the floor next to your bed and join in our just-can’t-get-to-sleep-yet bedtime exercise. If you’re drowsy at any point, roll up to bed.

Cozy? Perfect.

Access Our Bedtime Video

And we’ll show you how to get some shut-eye. Good night!

You got this!

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