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Why a Statics Crammable?

Because you need results fast. (And without the searching, organizing, quality control, and stress!)

Frustrated by TMI?

blue checkmarkStatics refined. We cover exactly what you need to know for your mechanics/ statics exam (and none of the other time-wasting stuff).

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blue checkmarkProven results. Don’t gamble with your grade. Hundreds of university students have Crammabled to ace their engineering exams. As tutors and TAs for over a dozen years, this course is refined to get exam grade results as fast as possible.

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Engineering Statics Crammable

for $197

You’ll learn the proven strategies to boost your engineering statics exam grade without any fluff or time-wasting.

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What’s Included

You’ll get instant access to our statics exam hacking wisdom created and refined over our combined 15 years in engineering school, 6 degrees, thousands of exams, and tutoring hundreds of students both online and off.

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…on each engineering statics topic you’ll see on your final exam. You’ll deeply understand the core concepts you need to know (and not all the extra fluff you don’t).

To streamline even more, we’ll help you refine the topics down to what you’ll see on your specific statics exam.

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You’ll learn the proven problem-solving procedures for expertly solving each statics problem type you’ll see on your exam.

And you’ll see these strategies applied to actual university exam problems so you’ll know how to apply them on your exam.

Sample practice problem sheets with problems from university exams


Practice problems pulled from recent university statics exams and solutions designed to help you deliver the solutions your grader wants on your engineering statics exam.

(…Because we want you winning on the engineering battlefield, not just binge watching our lessons.)

Want to Demolish Your Statics Exam?

After taking this course, Crammables students have increased their grade by an average of two full letter grades or up to an A. So can you.

Supercharge Your Engineering Statics Grade for Just $197

I’m Ready to Boost My Statics Grade!

Statics Topics Covered

For each of the following topics, you’ll learn the core concepts and proven problem-solving strategies you need to confidently slay your statics exam in record time.

blue checkmarkTrusses

Quickly solve truss problems.

blue checkmarkCables + Pulleys

Solve systems with cables and pulleys, both with and without friction.

blue checkmarkSystem Equilibrium

Consider complex systems of various components in equilibrium.

blue checkmarkVector (Force) Math

Manipulate vectors like a pro.

blue checkmarkMachines + Frames

Efficiently analyze pin-jointed systems.

blue checkmarkCentroids

Calculate centroid locations.

blue checkmarkInternal Loading

Calculate internal normal forces, shear forces, and bending moments.

blue checkmarkFree-Body Diagrams

Create the diagrams that are the core of engineering mechanics.

blue checkmarkFriction

You’ll cover it all: tipping, slipping, sliding, pulleys, and even basic acceleration problems.

blue checkmarkMoments of Inertia

Also called second moments of area.

blue checkmarkShear + Moment Diagrams

Quickly create internal loading diagrams.

blue checkmarkSprings

How to handle the linear springs you’ll see in statics problems.

blue checkmarkDistributed Loads

Reducing complex distributed loading to a simple point load (and resultant moment).

blue checkmarkFluid Pressure

Solve statics problems with forces caused by fluid pressure.

blue checkmarkMoments + Force Couples

Master cross products and moment arms.

The Statics Grade You Want Without the Stress

Just $197!

I Want to Boost My Statics Grade
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After trying this approach out for ourselves and hundreds of students we’ve worked with, we know it works. But you can test drive the Statics Crammable for one week and see for yourself.

If you’re not satisfied with the program within one week, just send us your completed work to show what you’ve done and we’ll happily refund your money. You’ll either learn the core concepts and problem solving to demolish your statics exam or you’ll get your money back.

But if you show up and put these strategies to work, you’re likely to send us an update like these students…


John, Aerospace EngineeringJohn

Aerospace Engineering

Amir, Civil EngineeringAmir

Civil Engineering

Suryha, Petroleum EngineeringSuryha

Petroleum Engineering

Crammables saved my statics grade!

Honestly, I was a desperate before my statics final. I did horribly on my mid-terms and it all came down to me getting at least a 92% on my final, or failing the class. I tried the statics Crammable in a last-ditch effort with only 18 hours before my test. I got a 95%! Thank you for saving my butt!

Content is easy to understand, apply, and remember.

I wish university taught like this! I like that each topic is really distilled down so it’s memorable and easy to understand. The problem-solving procedures are also really helpful to start creating good solutions, even without much practice.

So organized and refined, I can study efficiently.

I was most grateful for how organized and refined this Crammables course is. I was able to study efficiently and without any stress or confusion, and I did well on my exam despite missing a few weeks of class.

Brian, Mechanical EngineeringBrian

Mechanical Engineering

Sam, Electrical EngineeringSam

Electrical Engineering

Vanessa, Nuclear EngineeringVanessa

Nuclear Engineering

Helped me earn an A and understand topics for future courses.

Statics was one of the first courses I took in university, and I was still trying to figure out how to be a college-level student. This Crammables course not only helped me earn an A in my statics class (the best grade I got that semester), it also helped me understand topics that help me out now in higher-level engineering courses.

The best way for me to learn engineering statics and ace my tests.

After taking this Crammables course, I don’t know why I would invest in purchasing textbooks. Crammables has done a much better job of teaching the topics and helping me ace my tests than any textbook has!

I feel like a statics master now!

Statics is known as a “filter out” class at my college—half of the engineering students are filtered out by it. I didn’t want to be one of them, so I tried Crammables.

I was blown away by how simple they made concepts that had stumped me in class. After nailing my final exam, I feel like a statics master!

Start Owning Statics Now! Or…

It depends how much time, energy, and cash you want to throw at this project of learning engineering statics and getting an amazing grade. You could…




plus time and luck to find one

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x-markTakes time to organize and synthesize content

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one-time purchase

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per class

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When do I get course access?

You get immediate access to all course content so you can dive in!

I have an exam tomorrow. How much time will this take?

We distilled university-level statics down to exactly what you need to destroy your exam and cut out all the fluff (because you don’t have time for that!). This course can be completed in as few as 4 hours if you’re in a pinch. The duration depends on your personal familiarity of the topics, how much time you have before your exam, and how many of the topics are covered in your specific university course syllabus. Most students report spending around 6-12 hours using this Crammable to prep for their statics exam. Some students use it over longer periods of time to help with assignments and midterms, too!

Will this really work for my mechanics/statics exam?

In short, yes! If your course covers the topics we outlined above, we have you covered. We’ve evaluated statics exams and required textbooks from schools across North America and exclusively use actual university exam problems in this course. (Yep–every sample and practice problem we use comes from real-life university exams.)

We made sure this course includes the topics covered in all university-level statics courses. (Because Newton’s Laws are widely accepted and ABET, CEAB and other university accreditor’s requirements are strict.) We’re so thorough, you might notice that your course might not include all of the topics we cover in this Statics Crammables but they’re all there just in case!

What makes this course different from all the other statics videos online?

Listen. We love Khan Academy and (most of) Coursera, and we’ve seen some decent statics YouTube videos. If you had 6+ weeks to devote to learning statics, we’d recommend rummaging through what’s available online, filtering out the junk, getting organized, finding appropriate problems to practice, and investing time in the 1+ hour long lessons. But you don’t have time for all that. You need results now.

That’s why we’ve distilled statics into a ready-to-go, proven system to level up your statics exam grade in record time. We’ve combined our years as engineering students, teaching assistants, and tutors with a ridiculous amount of time researching university exams across the continent to efficiently deliver precisely what you need (and none of what you don’t) for your statics exam.

How long will I have access to this course?

You’ll have 1 month (30 days) to work through the material, although we think you should really try to bust through it in a couple of days for maximum effect. We use a 30-day window to make sure you dive in, practice the concepts (instead of only watching the pretty videos), and start getting exam results pronto. An unused e-course certainly won’t supercharge your statics grade.

And Just Who Are We?


Hassan has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and spent over 10 years tutoring and teaching students at the university level. He also graduated as the top student in mechanical engineering.

He’s a master of distilling the most complex engineering topics down to comprehensible, bite-sized (and dang near tasty) bits and making abstract concepts concrete. He has earned an international following as an engineering tutor and professional data scientist coach.


Lacy has been obsessed with mastering the learning game since she was a child. Four degrees, thousands of books, and three foreign languages later, she’s learned how to expertly learn and conquer university classes.

After graduating as the top student in engineering and earning over $60k in scholarships and awards, she helps students slay engineering school like a pro. And she is living proof that these student skills are learned.

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