Mentoring for University Engineering Students

University is an enormous investment of time, energy, and money–second only to purchasing a house. Get the most our of your time in engineering school and ensure that it truly serves your interests and goals.

Beyond our online courses and resources, we support university students in the fields of engineering, technology, and data science like you who want to thrive in college, use their time strategically, and be prepared for and succeed at the next level–whether in a career or graduate studies.

Essentially, we coach to help you achieve your very best, make the most of your university experience, and stay accountable to your goals. Specifically, we can help you…

Succeed at University

transition-to-engineering-schoolTransition smoothly and successfully into college

select-your-engineering-degreeSelect a degree that matches your interests and skills

navigate-engineering-schoolEffectively navigate the university system

scholarships internshipsIdentify and secure opportunities for scholarships, research, and internships

Excel at Your Studies

understand engineering course workClarify and excel in coursework, exams, laboratories, and research

bullseye effective studyingUse organizational techniques to become more effective at learning and studying

understand engineering course workConcretely and deeply understand course content

Strategically Plan Your Future

strategize-your-goalsDefine the best path to reach your goals given current and anticipated industry trends

post-graduation graduate engineerPrepare for a post-graduation career in the field of your dreams

findGet accepted into the graduate program of your choice and–more importantly–find the advisory professor and research topic that are right for you

Thrive in Your Unique Situation

unlock your abilitiesLearn how to overcome and accommodate any learning disabilities or attention difficulties that might be impacting your studies

star woman engineerLearn how to succeed in engineering while still honoring your unique perspectives as a woman engineer

group of peopleCommunicate your strengths as an international candidate or as a linguistic minority

Who Are We?

We’re Hassan and Lacy, practicing engineers and mentors. We have earned a combined 6 degrees, including 1 PhD, and each graduated as the top student in our engineering departments. More than book smarts, we’ve mentored university-level students for over a dozen years, including students with ADD/ADHD and learning disabilities. Our passion is helping students cut through the complexity to truly understand the topics covered in engineering school, all while realizing their passion in the field. (Read more about our back stories here.)


More than just covering course content, we focus on holistic success in engineering school for the students we work with. University offers so much more than just classes, including research opportunities, design and entrepreneurship competitions, and events featuring world-renowned speakers. Extracurricular activities and other opportunities expand a student’s future professional and advanced educational opportunities.


If you’re looking for experienced engineers who have spent years as both expert-level students and university mentors, you may have found the perfect match. We offer multiple perspectives as former students, TAs, and tutors, and current mentors and professional engineers. We can provide direct, step-by-step guidance for your particular situation and goals.

University Student Mentoring Packages

With each package, you’ll regularly meet with your preferred mentor via video conference. You’ll also receive email check-ins with us when we’ll answer your questions and give you feedback on the tasks we discuss in our calls (such as projects, presentations, research, deliverables, and other university- and career-related work).

Let’s Work Together

If you’re ready to excel at your studies and become more prepared for whatever university throws at you, select a package above to reserve your mentoring sessions or schedule your free Expert Student Action Plan call with us today.

Book a Expert Student Action Plan Call

We’ll chat about where you’re at, identify some key road blocks, and see how we can be of further support to you. (When booking, please feel free to leave a request for who you would like to work with in the additional notes if you have a preference.)

Looking forward to talking with you soon!