Professional Coaching for Engineers and Data Scientists Just Starting Their Careers

Let’s start you out strong on a strategic path to the career of your dreams in the fields of engineering, technology, and data science.

We know it can be overwhelming to start out professionally and navigate your options solo. You might be feeling like you…

  • Just can’t find a job that inspires you
  • Are desperate to find a job–any job–in your field
  • Doubt how you measure up or are unsure how to land your ideal job
  • Found a great job, but can’t make sense of work’s hidden expectations of you

If you’re still searching for your ideal job, we can help you efficiently find and win the best and most strategic career opportunities for your professional goals and become impossible for hiring managers to ignore.

And if you’ve landed an amazing job and want to transition smoothly and impress your colleagues, we can support you to achieve your very best, share your highest self, and stay accountable to your goals. Specifically, we can help you…

Reach Your Goals

location-arrowDefine your career and professional goals–and situate them within current industry trends

bullseyeIdentify the best strategies to achieve your goals using industry insights

Launch a Strategic Career

linkConsider various routes for reaching your professional goals and what defines your success

importantUnderstand the current job landscape to calibrate your expectations and prioritize your goals

Get Hired!

newFind and effectively secure a professional position relevant to your skills and career goals

eyeBecome impossible to ignore through detailed resume review and interview preparation

trophyEarn professional certificates, specialties, and designations to set you apart from other applicants

dollar-signAsk for and get the starting salary you deserve

Improve Your Job Performance

strategyPerform more effectively with technical guidance and strategy support

unlockDecode manager feedback into actionable steps to impress

light bulb Pursue learning opportunities to improve your job performance

Thrive in Your Unique Situation

rocketOvercome any obstacle in your way as a woman engineer

group of peopleCommunicate your strengths as an international candidate or as a linguistic minority

Who Are We?

We’re Hassan and Lacy, practicing engineers and mentors. We’ve worked for large international engineering firms and scrappy start-ups of fewer than a dozen employees. We’ve owned our own businesses and side hustles since graduation, so we know variety. We’ve managed other engineers as well as coached professionals online, including through Springboard for professionals transitioning into data science. (Read more about our back stories here.)


During our engineering careers, we have also interviewed, hired, and on-boarded many junior engineers during our careers and have a deep understanding of what employers look for in a candidate and value in a colleague.


We are neither recent grads nor industry veterans. So, we still viscerally understand what engineers like you who are just starting out are going through and have the professional, hiring, and managerial experience to know what works and what doesn’t to effectively and efficiently begin your career.

If you’re looking for experienced engineers who are effective at strategically entering and maneuvering in the current, dynamic field of engineering and welcoming new members into our profession, you may have found the perfect match. We offer multiple perspectives as employers ourselves and direct, step-by-step guidance for your particular situation and goals.

Professional Career Launch Coaching Packages

With each package, you’ll regularly meet with your preferred coach via video conference. You’ll also receive email check-ins with us when we’ll answer your questions and give you feedback on the tasks we discuss in our calls (such as resumes, presentations, work deliverables, and other career-related work).

Let’s Work Together

If you’re ready to get on the best path to the career of your dreams or efficiently find and secure a job with advancement in your desired field, select a package above to reserve your coaching sessions or schedule your free Career Launch Plan call with us today.

Book a Career Launch Plan Call

We’ll chat about where you’re at, identify some key road blocks, and see how we can be of further support to you. (When booking a call, please feel free to leave a request for who you would like to work with–Hassan or Lacy–in the additional notes.)

Looking forward to talking with you soon!

P.S. Are You an Employer?

Connect with us to discuss how we can help bring your junior engineer prodigy to the next level. Please contact us to learn about custom packages and more about the ongoing support we can offer your team.