Mentoring for High Schools Students

With Interests in Engineering, Technology, and Data Science

Going to university is an enormous investment of time, energy, and money–second only to purchasing a house. It’s a complex decision with questions of where to go, what to study, how to be prepared, how to get admitted, how to fund it, the best ways to transition, and many more puzzlers that don’t have obvious answers these days.

As college admission becomes more competitive and tuition rates increase, it’s even more important to have clarity on the goals of attending university. Most future engineers need the credentials to work professionally, the level of study depending on the field and type of work they seek. But for careers in the fastest-growing tech fields, we’re now in a time when a university degree may not be necessary or even ideal for developing the skills to be competitive, and employers are seeking other credentials.

So, how do parents support their high schoolers on a path that makes sense given their interests and within current realities?

Good question! That is why we help high school students (and their families) find clarity on what degree they want to pursue–or even university alternatives–and how to get there strategically so they are prepared for college or the next level after high school, get accepted to the university programs in their desired field that are the best fit for them, and get the most out of high school.

Essentially, we mentor high school students to help them achieve your very best, ensure they’re on the right path to the career they are passionate about, and stay accountable to their goals.

Specifically, we can help high school students…

Strategically Plan Their Future

discover engineeringDiscover and refine their interests

bullseyeDefine their educational and career options and clarify their goals

educational roadmapDesign their custom educational roadmap to reach their goals

educational optionsConsider educational opportunities locally, nationally, and internationally to most effectively achieve their goals

innovative educationIdentify traditional and innovative educational models to reach their career goals

Ensure University Acceptance

choose wiselyMake the right choices in high school to ease college admissions including selecting courses and strategic extracurricular activities

star test examShine through standardized testing (A Levels, IB Exams, SAT, ACT)

write a powerful entry essayCraft the application and entry essays admissions officers really want to see

scholarships financial aidSuccessfully apply for scholarships, bursaries, and financial aid to fund their studies

Excel at Their Studies

post-graduation engineerLearn the skills to become capable students, ready for college success and life-long learning

excellent studentClarify and excel in coursework, exams, and laboratories

organized student listPractice the organizational techniques and habits that will serve them as they transition to adulthood in college, university, and professionally

understand school workConcretely and deeply understand course content, with a focus on science, technology, physics, engineering, and math (STEM) topics

find education class optionsFind opportunities for educational enrichment beyond their local school (particularly important for rural students or students without access to advanced STEM classes)

Thrive in Their Unique Situation

unlock your abilitiesLearn how to overcome and accommodate any learning disabilities or attention difficulties that might be impacting their studies

star woman engineerOvercome misconceptions about entering STEM fields as a woman and actually use this to their advantage

transition international studentCommunicate their strengths as an international student

linkUnderstand the resources available to them as first-generation college students

Smoothly Transition to University

college transitionAccess consistent support from high school through university and beyond, specific to the fields of engineering, technology and data science

group of peopleBe part of a community of engineering students just like them entering their first term in college through our engineering school transition program

Who Are We?

We’re Hassan and Lacy, practicing engineers and mentors. We have earned a combined 6 degrees, including 1 PhD, and each graduated as the top student in our engineering departments. More than book smarts, we’ve mentored engineering students for over a dozen years, including students with ADD/ADHD and learning disabilities, and teach students the skills to become effective students. (Read more about our back stories here.)


We have a passion for helping students and their families cut through the complexity of excelling in school and selecting the university (or alternative) that best suits their goals, all while developing their passion in the fields of engineering, tech, and data science. We know that success is so much more than just college admissions.

If you are looking exclusively for college acceptance help, we recommend finding an Independent Educational Consultant. They focus on getting students accepted by universities. Many are former admissions officers. (Check out the Independent Educational Consultants Association website, which has a list of hundreds of their members.)


Getting into the right college program is only a part of the equation for succeeding in engineering. The real work comes in finding a field the student can be passionate about, learning effectively, building the skills for a successful career, and strategically seeking opportunities to land their dream job (such as internships, competitions, funding streams, entrepreneurship camps, and networking opportunities).

We also believe that transitioning from high school to university is one of the most important–and difficult–adjustments in our lives. So, we focus on creating and executing a personalized game plan with students that doesn’t stop with university acceptance, but that offers consistent support from high school through to professional work, specifically in the fields of engineering, tech, and data science.

If you’re looking for experienced engineers who have spent years as both expert-level students and mentors, you may have found the perfect match. We offer multiple perspectives as former students, TAs, and tutors, as well as current mentors and professional engineers. We can provide direct, step-by-step guidance for your particular situation and goals.

Our Schooling Specifics

Lacy graduated from a high school International Baccalaureate program in the United States. Over her marathon post-secondary student life, she has attended 6 universities in 4 countries (US, Canada, Ecuador, and Spain) and holds degrees from the University of Washington (College of Built Environments) and the University of Ottawa (Faculty of Engineering).

Hassan graduated high school with his A-Levels (UK-based qualifications). He earned a Bachelor’s from the University of Alexandria (Faculty of Engineering) and a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Ottawa. He has lived, worked, and studied (and breathed engineering) in 4 countries and understands how to maneuver through these international systems well.

High School Student Mentoring Packages

With each package, you’ll regularly meet with your preferred mentor via video conference. You’ll also receive email check-ins with us when we’ll answer your questions and give you feedback on the tasks we discuss in our calls (such as applications, projects, presentations, and other school- and admission-related work). Parents are welcome!

Let’s Work Together

If you’re ready to clarify the best, strategic path forward for a future engineer, select a package above to reserve your mentoring sessions or schedule your free High-School-to-University Power Plan call with us today.

Book a High-School-to-University Power Plan Call

We’ll chat about where you’re at, identify some key road blocks, and see how we can be of further support to you. (When booking a call, please feel free to leave a request for who you would like to work with–Hassan or Lacy–in the additional notes if you have a preference.)

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