Mentoring for Graduate Students in Engineering

You’re thinking about grad school or you’ve made it to the upper echelons of a university education already. Congrats! Honestly, graduate studies are an exciting time to delve deep into research topics and hone your skills.

Just like in undergraduate studies, it’s key to pursue a strategic degree based on your goals and interests. Selecting a supervisor (advisory professor), research topic, and university is mission critical to your success. And securing funding for your work often can be, too.

If you’ve made it this far in your studies, you are likely a solid student, but graduate school will demand more than just passing classes. Graduate studies can be an enormous drain of energy and time as you figure out how to research, design laboratory work, and deliver journal-worthy academic papers and conference presentations, often for the first time. You may have a deeply devoted supervisor, or one who may not have the time, interest, or ability to support your work in the ways you could use to succeed.

That’s why I work with graduate students in STEM fields looking to more efficiently approach their research and thesis, publish in their work in peer-reviewed journals, and define and succeed at their specific goals while in graduate school.

Essentially, I’ll coach you to achieve your very best, make the most of your graduate experience, and stay accountable to your goals. Specifically, I can help you…

Find the Right Graduate Program and Supervisor

bullseye graduate student goalsClarify your goals for attending graduate school

select your graduate engineering degreeIdentify the best graduate study degree and professor for your goals

graduate fundingFind and secure funding opportunities (and determine how much graduate school will really cost, especially if you are an international student)

Excel in Graduate Studies

understand engineering course workDemystify graduate school and the criteria for graduate work

academic writingImprove your writing, research, and presentations through exacting feedback

plusReceive content-level support on engineering topics and statistical methods

happy faceStay encouraged throughout graduate studies!

Become an Effective Researcher

researchUnderstand how to best approach research and design robust studies

unlock your abilitiesLearn the strategies to being more efficient in the lab

eyeApply statistics and mathematical modelling effectively in your research and work

engineering thesisDevelop a robust thesis or dissertation

star researcherBecome published in the best peer-reviewed research journals for your field of study

Plan Your Next Steps

strategize-your-goalsPlan your path after graduate school

academic careerDetermine your options, including whether to continue in academia and in what capacity

post-graduation graduate engineerLaunch into your career

Who Am I?

I’m Hassan: PhD, practicing engineer, academic journal peer reviewer, and mentor. (Read more about my back story here.) And, if you’re interested, you can find my scholarly work here on Google Scholars, but I doubt that’s why you’re here today….


I imagine you’re here because you’d like to become a more effective graduate student and researcher, and maybe you want to create balance in your work and life. I get it. You wear many hats: student, researcher, presenter, teaching assistant, scholarly author, and sometimes even an amateur machinist or electrician when lab support is busy. And this is just at university!

It generally takes a few years to master just a few of these challenging jobs–10,000 hours, they say. With support from an experienced coach, let’s get you there faster and without the stress and burnout. There is no award for reinventing the wheel, so let’s get real.

(I should note that if you’re looking for a current professor to groom you into a career in academia, I suggest you keep looking–or contact me and I can connect you with friends and colleagues happily working in academia. I chose to pursue a private sector career and presently work as a senior data scientist in the energy sector, so I can offer industry insights and career support.)

If you’re looking for an experienced engineering PhD who has spent the last dozen years mentoring university students to efficiency and mastery, you may have found the perfect match. I offer perspective as a former graduate student, TA, and tutor, and as a current mentor, academic reviewer, and professional engineer. I provide direct, step-by-step guidance for your particular situation and goals.

Graduate Student Mentoring Packages

With each package, you’ll regularly meet with me via video conference. You’ll also receive email check-ins with me where I’ll answer your questions and give you feedback on the tasks we discuss in our calls (such as papers, presentations, research, deliverables, and other academic- and research-related work).

Let’s Work Together

If you’re ready to excel at your graduate work and become more prepared for whatever university throws at you, select a package above to reserve your mentoring sessions with me or schedule your free Master Researcher Action Plan call with me today.

Book a Master Researcher Action Plan Call

We’ll chat about where you’re at, identify some key road blocks, and see how I can further support to you.

Looking forward to talking with you soon!