Professional Coaching and Student Mentoring In Engineering, Technology, and Data Science

We engineers are renowned for our DIY attitude—and are notorious for our DIY attitude. The reality is that sometimes we forget that there are no bonus points for reinventing the wheel or taking on the world alone simply because we can.

Sure, you can duct tape and hose clamp your life together…. (Metaphorically speaking, of course.)

Engineering DIY: brilliant, practical, ugly.

But for important matters, you might choose to be more strategic and resourceful than quick fixes alone will provide.

That’s where coaching and mentorship come in. As experienced students, researchers, and professional engineers, we’ve lived through our fair share of “teachable moments” and were grateful to receive the wisdom of our own mentors over the years.

We are positively thrilled to support other engineers—and future engineers—so that you can avoid the pitfalls and overwhelm, and get to your next level more efficiently and strategically.

You might benefit from a coach or mentor if you…

1Want clarity

2Are short on passion for what you do

3Feel stuck

4Are uncomfortable–or too comfortable

5Need strategy for today’s world

6Have a big transition ahead

7  Want to master STEM subjects

The good news is that your inventive, problem-solving, engineering self is already within you and looking to master the next level. A mentor or coach can help you look at your situation from a fresh perspective and tap into your inner engineer to get you on track with the life you desire.

We offer mentoring from high school to university and through graduate studies, as well as professional coaching for established engineers and those just starting out their careers. Have a look, do your research, and connect with us if we can help you reach the next level.

You got this!