Why did you start Crammables?

  1. Because great engineers aren’t always great students, and the world needs more great engineers. Don’t let crappy grades or failing out prevent you from achieving your dreams of engineering awesomeness. You’ve made it this far—we’ll get you through this next leg.
  2. Being a rock star student isn’t an innate gift. It’s not an inborn talent. Being a kickass student is learned. We’ve learned it and so can you, without having to figure it out trial-and-error or waste your precious youth.
  3. Life happens. There are a million legitimate reasons you might not be prepared for this exam (and a million illegitimate but fun ones, too). Who cares? Let’s crush your exam already!

What does a Crammable include?

In short, we include exactly what you need to pass and crush your next engineering exam for your specific course—and nothing that you don’t need (like generic “become a better technical student” tips). Specifically, with your Crammable you’ll have immediate access to:
  • Online video content specific to your engineering course, including
      • course-specific point hacking to maximize your grade
      • crystal clear instructions on laying out and solving your engineering exam problems so that the person grading your exam will thank you
      • course-specific key concepts s.p.e.l.l.e.d. out and put into deep memory
      • guiding you through our Minimum Viable Solution (MVS) technique that will ensure you’ll pass your exam with flying colors
      • overcoming any roadblocks to become the confident exam slayer we all know you are deep inside
      • step-by-step on exactly how to rehearse—not study—for this exam so you’ll show up on finals day totally prepared
  • Downloads, including
    • Course-specific practice problems by specific key concept
    • Sample exams to rehearse to, so you’re ready even if your professor doesn’t have or share their exams
  • Plus access to 3 bonus, course-specific checklists that detail your rehearsal plan. So you’ll know exactly how to start, what to do, and when to do it to prep whether you have 12 hours, 1 to 2 days, or 3 days or more until exam time.
Want to start with the course-specific game plan checklists only? Access them here.

When do I get access to my Crammable?

Right. Now. Some of our students have saved their booty at 12:06 am the night before an exam by desperately searching the web, finding their course Crammable, and cramming to crush their exam.

How much time will this take?

We design each Crammable course to be under 2 hours. On purpose. But you’re not just going to be watching us do problems—you’re going to practice, too. The amount of time that you spend practicing in between watching lessons will vary by how long you have before your exam. We designed specific plans for students with exams in 12 hours, 1 to 2 days, and more than 3 days and will spell out exactly what you need to do to crush your exam given the time you have available.

I have a final exam tomorrow. Do I have enough time to use a Crammable?

Yes! And you better start now. We have a step-by-step game plan if you have 12 hours before your final to get you exam ready. Hang on tight, because it’s gonna be a wicked fast ride!

I have a final exam in two weeks. Why bother with Crammables when I have enough time on my own?

It’s a common misconception that more time equals better grades. (Let’s be clear: Lacy beat every other undergrad in engineering school at this grade game, all while she had a real-life human baby to take care of. Time wasn’t her Excalibur—perfectly executed strategy was.) Having more time certainly doesn’t hurt—unless you’re wasting it away one distracted moment after the next. So, if you’ve got a solid handle on what to do before your exam and understand how to rehearse—not studythen rock on with your bad self. You can always Crammable at any point along the way. On the other hand, if you’d like to enjoy a sweet ride through to finals and ensure that you nail your exams in record time (while finally leveling-up or just chillaxin) or if you doubt whether you’ll pass, access your course Crammable now. We have a step-by-step game plan for you and it doesn’t involve getting up early or stressing because you have time for all the goodness. Lucky you!

Will Crammables really work?

After years of teaching exam prep and cram sessions both online and off, we have seen how Crammables work with every. single. engineering student we’ve taught. (Sorry lit majors—we can’t help you.) Why does it work? For starters, Crammables aren’t made for random people on the subway. If you got into engineering school in the first place, you already know a thing or two about math and school—or how to fake it convincingly—and we’re here to get you to the next level. We build off of what you know to hack your exam to grade greatness.

How long do I have access to my Crammable?

You have immediate access to your Crammable for 3 weeks. That’s right: three weeks to get supercharged for your exam. You don’t need to study for finals earlier than that—you need to do your course work, reports, and labs already! Remember, you’re going from “huh?” to “seek-and-destroy” on the quickest path possible. Zoning out during a video is a waste of your time. Repeating and obsessing over content until you get it “perfect” for months is just a distraction from real results. We can’t be in the same room as you to smack you upside your head to make sure you’re paying attention. So, we found a hack to ensure you’re with us: three weeks—two weeks to give you more than enough time to prep, and one extra week because we’re nice. (You can thank us later.) BTW, if you get Ebola or whatever else is all the rage these days and miss your exam, send us a documented excused exam from your Uni and we’ll save your Crammable to prep for your make-up exam.

How do you know what’s on my exam?

We all like to think our schools are special. And they are…. For every reason except unique engineering curriculum. The style of delivery is different, but not the topics. Listen. Engineers need to understand the same physical systems. The ABET, CEAB, and other international engineering accreditation boards all agree on what needs to be covered in each engineering degree. A school wouldn’t say, “Well, let’s just cut out this free body diagram BS and add watercolor instead.” They’d lose their accreditation, which is school speak for vital street cred. Most schools use the exact same textbooks. For example, there aren’t hundreds (or even tens) of textbooks to choose from when you want to teach dynamics. There are a handful of textbook options, and Hibbeler (or Bedford or…Beer—go figure) is widely preferred. It turns out it’s actually pretty easy to know exactly what to include in a Crammable: what every university is required to include by the big dogs. Just in case of a rogue watercolor aficionado, we’ve reviewed hundreds of syllabi and old exams to make sure we’re right on this one.

Crammables price seems freakishly amazing for ensuring I pass my exam. Why is it so cheap?

As long-time students, we understand the feeling of eating canned beans for the 12th day in a row and want to make Crammables accessible. By putting our content online (instead of having students drive from 1,000’s of kilometers away to join in—true story!), you get perfected, powerful content on the cheap.

I could have a meal at a swanky restaurant or buy a textbook for that price. Why should I spend it on a Crammable?

Crammables are designed to get you to pass and demolish your engineering exam in record time with the path of least resistance. So, what kind of student are you?
  • If you’re a “lemme enjoy my last supper in peace” kind of student, then please go treat yourself to that filet mignon (or get your hands on a smooth, hardback Shigley’s—ooh la la) if that’s what floats your boat. Life’s too short for suffering. Cheers!
  • If you’re more of a rational student calculating the probability of failure, the cost of tuition to take this course again, or trying to determine the economic value to staying in your engineering cohort and not being left behind, then invest in demolishing this exam already. (Or if you’re determined to get a degree relatively debt-free and could use scholarships or research cash, then ensure you have an enviable, competitive GPA by slaying your exams, one at a time.)
  • If you’re a “sleep is for the dead” kind of student, then rock on with studying that way and pulling all-nighters. It does make you look enviably burly even if it’s not very effective.
  • And if you’re feeling overwhelmed, disorganized, freaking out, picturing your most judgmental family member’s face, or considering jumping the janitor tonight for keys to steal the exam from your prof’s office? Dude. We gotta talk. Coming down from crazy will feel so much better after you slay this exam with confidence.

Why should I learn from you?

We graduated as the top students in our respective engineering schools—not just the top 10%. But more than that, we’ve helped hundreds of engineering students go from “gonna fail” to “rocked it!” in record time. We started as classmates, then graduated to tutors and university TAs. Not only do we know this content inside and out, but we’ve figured out how to hack exams, score points, and show others how to pass like a pro. Being an expert exam taker is a skill and it’s not taught in school. And frankly, my dear, you don’t have a better option. You could:
  • Hire a private tutor and hope that they know exactly what and how to prep you for your exact course Most tutors are there to teach you content—not strategy, point hacks, or a plan of what and how to rehearse. If you’re time crunched, good luck finding a local tutor. There are online tutoring options out there, for about $50-$90/hour. They can’t do what Crammables does in the same amount of time, so make sure you have enough time and find a good tutor.
  • Go it alone. Try to prep for the exam yourself in the time you have. Results may vary. Especially if you don’t have much time, a solid rehearsal plan, or point hacks. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or like doing crazy things, just stop and crush your exam.
  • Study group it! This one sounds like an easy way to leverage the skills of a group of classmates to prep for the exam. Click here to understand how study groups actually short-circuit your ability to problem solve. Bottom line, Q&A groups are helpful if you have a laser-sharp question to ask that you’ve already tried to solve a million times or if you’re the one answering questions and have time to kill, but study groups are waste of time and won’t ensure you pass.
  • Try a compressed course that teaches your course content in less than a semester. Most are 8+ hours of dry material designed for someone who wants to learn what we learn without going to engineering school. They aren’t designed for final exam prep. They don’t care about how to hack points, strategize prep, or any of the other skills you need to pass and crush your exam.
  • Just take the course again next semester (or next year, depending on availability). This isn’t a bad option if you really want the chance to cover the material in depth again.
If you had some life stuff come up this semester and you couldn’t devote the time you normally would to your classes and this content will be mission critical for future classes, seriously consider waiting to take it again. Sure, it’ll set you back and cost more in tuition, but you’ll have a fighting chance to know this stuff inside and out by the end of round two. But if you know you’re probably not going to want to dive deep into this course material, be held back from your engineering cohort, or pay tuition again, just end the misery on an awesome note and cram it out!

Where did you go to school?

Lacy earned a Bachelor’s degree from the College of Built Environments at the University of Washington and two from the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Ottawa (a bilingual university in Canada’s capital, eh?). Over her marathon student life, she has attended 6 universities in 4 countries (Ecuador, Canada, Spain, and the U S of A). Hassan has his Bachelor’s from Alexandria University in Egypt, the real deal where lecture halls hold over 500 students. His PhD is from the University of Ottawa under the reckoning auspices a formidable fluids researcher turned adorable family friend.

What was your GPA when you graduated?

Alright, numbers friend. You went there…. Lacy graduated with the highest grade in the engineering department, sum cum laude, with a GPA of 9.98 (out of 10). Hassan graduated with the highest grade in mechanical engineering with a GPA of 91 (out of 100) from a class of over 500. Oh, and his PhD research work combining bubbles—er, two-phase flow—and machine learning AI is pretty catchy….