Sometimes, it is about making the grade. As OG engineering students, we’ve been there. We know how dreams of engineering grandeur sometimes take a backseat to just getting through finals, throwing solutions together, and maybe avoiding the parental foot. I’ll start saving the world…right after I pass this class. But you have options. Imagine…
  • Being well-rested, focused, and ready to review in the days before an exam, knowing exactly where to begin to get results.
  • Feeling totally calm and collected as you walk towards your university building, enter the exam hall, take your seat, and start solving exam problems.
  • Checking your grade report and seeing not only that you passed your engineering exam, but that you did even better than you thought. In every. single. hard-as-F engineering class.
This is possible for you, and you don’t have to cheat, give up a social life, or spend ridiculous hours making it happen. But it is only possible if you’re ready to step up, show up, and get real. Engineering student ninjas make passing engineering school look so painless and easy. So what’s missing? You’re missing the direction. The guides. The problem-solving tricks. The strategy. You’re missing the step-by-step guidance and content breakdown it takes to pass any engineering exam with ease. Without the stress. Without reviewing for weeks.

Wanna get started?

Then here are the 3 things you should do right now:

One: Access your Crammable

Find the Crammable for your course to guide your review and destroy your next engineering exam in record time. If your Crammable doesn’t exist yet? Request it and grab our free engineering exam hack kit here.

Two: Get dialed for exams

Reviewing for an exam should be just like a rehearsal for a play—not a slow march towards unavoidable pain. We’ll help you get your ish in order and lay out an exam rehearsal strategy with practice problems so you can slay your next engineering exam. Score our Exam Prep Guide to lead the way!

Three: Destroy engineering school

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That’s where we come in….

We’re here to ensure you pass your engineering exams, one simple hack and solution at a time. Employ our tricks and maybe you’ll even reach the untouchable engineering-unicorn level of student that demolishes any course request on sight. We won’t just teach you more generic strategies to “become a better student”, involving getting up early or practicing for months or years. Nope, we’ll get you from “huh?” to “Nailed It!” in record time for your specific class, cutting out the BS to maximize your exam grade without putting in obscene time.

And how do we work that magic? Simple.

Every system has its weaknesses and strategic points of attack. An engineering class is no different. We’ve figured out the chinks in the armor of engineering exams as engineering students at the top of our classes, former university TAs, and private tutors. We know how to efficiently learn and teach mission critical course content and how to deliver exam solutions that maximize your grade.

So, who are we, anyway?

Hassan is a long-time hacker of engineering courses. He rarely stepped foot in a lecture hall during his undergraduate degree while still graduating #1 in a Mechanical Engineering department of over 500 students. He also worked as a teaching assistant (TA) and private tutor while earning his PhD in Fluid Mechanics. Students used to drive over 16 hours and 1,500 km just to prep for their engineering finals with Hassan. (Sound made up? Ask a Canadian what “far” means to them and then Google Thunder Bay to Ottawa.) Dr. Hassan (as no one calls him, but could) is an expert at whittling down complicated technical content into key comprehensible bits, problem wizardry, and giving the theoretical real-life meaning with solid examples. Lacy has devoted over 23 years to perfecting this whole student thing. She knows what works, what doesn’t, and what you should try anyway ‘cause it’s stupid fun. Along the way, she graduated as the top Engineering student of her university. (As far as she can tell, this gives two rewards: you sound ridiculously desirable at job interviews and you get to wrestle the graduation podium away from boring for a hot sec.) Oh—and did we mention she demolished engineering school while gestating and raising a baby? Extra time ain’t got nothing to do with success. The best thing Lacy knows about being a standout student is that it’s learned. (If all of this were by osmosis, baby would have known thermo and differential equations at birth. But, spoiler alert, that didn’t happen.) She gets a thrill out of showing others how to hack the university system.

What is this place?

Crammables is where you can find free, solution-iful, hack-tastic inspiration on our blog and videos, join our community, or join our online courses made just for engineering students like you.

What exactly is a Crammable?

A Crammable is an online package of engineering school hacktastic amazingness. Each Crammable focuses on a specific engineering course and takes you from a hot mess to an exam-taking machine in record time. Each Crammable:
  • Explains what content you need to know and how to wield it like a Jedi Master on your exam
  • Shows you how to hack exam points for your specific course
  • Teaches you the tricks to strategically solve engineering exam problems and ensure you maximize points earned, no matter how much exam time you have
  • Guides your exam rehearsals (aka exam review and studying) specific to how much time you have until go time
  • Ensures you pass your exam demolish your exam and earn a higher grade than you ever thought possible
And they do it in the fastest way possible. So, if you thought you were SOL with 12 hours to go before your exam? Crammables will get you there. (Sure, more time with Crammables means you’ll have more time to review and practice following our step-by-step guides. But even with only hours to spare, you will pass the exam. We’ve seen it work with far dodgier cases than yours.)

Wanna know our Official Bios?

Hassan is a senior data scientist at an energy startup and data science mentor and career coach. His scholarly articles on topics in fluid dynamics and numerical modelling have appeared in notable geeky, peer-reviewed journals. He has a BASc and PhD in Mechanical Engineering. Lacy is the CEO of a nonprofit dedicated to empowering community organizations through the use of data, engineering, and strategic tech interventions. She has helped build four successful startups and has traveled and worked throughout the Americas from Alberta to Antarctica. Lacy has a BASc in Mechanical Engineering, BSc in Computing Technology, and BA in Community & Environmental Planning.