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What Should We Cram Next?

We’re always adding new courses and Crammables to help you ace your next exam. Let us know what engineering courses you’d like to see added next!

We're always adding new course Crammables to help you ace your next exam. What university course would you like to see here?

FAQs + About Us

What the heck is Crammables?

Around here, we’re all about making engineering school easy.

Realize that you have options in university. You can struggle, you can figure out how to be a better student by trial and error, or you can slay engineering school. Now.

Get started!


  • Being well-rested, focused, and ready to review in the days before an exam, knowing exactly where to begin to get results.

  • Feeling totally calm and collected as you enter the exam hall, take your seat, and expertly solve exam problems.

  • Checking your grade report and seeing that you did even better than you could have ever imagined. In every. single. hard-as-F engineering class.

Acing engineering school is possible for you, and you don’t have to cheat, give up a social life, or spend ridiculous hours making it happen. But it is only possible if you’re ready to step up, show up, and get real.

So what’s missing right now? You’re missing the direction. The guides. The problem-solving tricks.

You’re missing the proven strategy.

You’re missing the step-by-step guidance and content breakdown it takes to pass any engineering exam with ease. Without the stress. Without reviewing for weeks.

That’s why Crammables is here.

As OG engineering students, we’ve been there. We know how dreams of engineering grandeur sometimes take a backseat to just getting through finals, throwing solutions together, and maybe avoiding the parental foot. Make it easy already!

How do I get started?

If you want to ace engineering school, here are the 3 things you should do right now:

1Score our free Exam Prep Guide

Reviewing for an exam should be just like a rehearsal for a play—not a slow march towards unavoidable pain.

Grab your copy of our Exam Prep Guide so you have the strategy to study for your engineering exam like a pro. In it, we’ll help you get your stuff in order and lay out an exam rehearsal strategy with practice problems so you can slay your next engineering exam.

And if you seriously want to boost your engineering exam grades lightning fast, learn our Exam Hacking Solution that will turn you into an engineering test-acing machine.

2Check out our courses

We’re excited to bring our tried-and-true courses online so we can help more engineering students do amazing work! With our signature Crammables courses, we tackle a specific engineering course so you learn exactly what to deliver to ace your exam in the shortest time possible.

Also, tell us what engineering courses you want crammed—and we’ll let you know as soon as they’re ready!

3Find proven strategy on the Crammables Blog

We’re adding new tips all the time.

And if you want to ace engineering school one week at a time, sign up for our free regular injection of engineering brilliance right here. You’ll receive our best solutions and hacks that will set you up for a week of straight badassery.

So, who’s this Hassan guy?

Hassan with signature

Hassan is a long-time hacker of engineering courses. He rarely stepped foot in a lecture hall during his undergraduate degree while still graduating #1 in a Mechanical Engineering department of over 500 students. He also worked as a teaching assistant (TA) and private tutor while earning his PhD in Fluid Mechanics.

Dr. Hassan (as no one calls him, but could) is an expert at whittling down complicated technical content into key comprehensible bits, problem wizardry, and giving the theoretical real-life meaning with solid examples.

He’s been so instrumental to student success that students have actually driven over 16 hours and 1,500 km just to prep for their engineering finals with Hassan. (Sound made up? Ask a Canadian what “far” means to them and then Google Thunder Bay to Ottawa.) Through the magic of the Interwebs, you can access his magic from the comfort of your home while still in your PJs.

Hassan is also a professional mentor for data scientists and professional engineers. Needless to say, he’s a whole different level of tutor and coach.

And who’s Lacy?

Lacy in Patagonia

Lacy has devoted over 23 years to perfecting this whole student thing. She knows what works, what doesn’t, and what you should try anyway ‘cause it’s really fun. She’s been a tutor throughout her marathon student life to share her excitement for learning and pass on tips to make it easier.

Along the way, she graduated as the #1 engineering student of her university. (As far as she can tell, this gives two rewards: you are ridiculously desirable at job interviews and you get to steal the graduation podium for a hot sec.) Oh—and we should mention that she demolished engineering school while gestating and raising a baby? Extra time ain’t got nothing to do with success.

toddler with electrometer in front of wind tunnel in engineering lab

The most important thing Lacy knows about being a standout student is that it’s learned.

If Lacy can slay engineering school, you can too.

(Because if all of this engineering brilliance were by osmosis or inborn talent, baby would have known thermo and differential equations at birth. Maybe that happened, maybe it didn’t, but one thing is certain: baby is a stellar fluids lab tech.)

Lacy’s obsessed with leveraging brain plasticity to improve cognitive capacity. Put another way, she’s fascinated with molding the brain to actually become smarter! And she gets a thrill out of showing others how to hack the university system to greatness–both at school and in life.

Why did you start Crammables?

Engineering school can get hard sometimes. Rise above it.

1Because great engineers aren’t always great students, and the world needs more great engineers.

Don’t let mediocre grades or failing out prevent you from achieving your dreams of engineering awesomeness. You’ve made it this far–we’ll get you through this next leg with flying colors!

2Being a rock star student isn’t an innate gift. It’s not an inborn talent. Being a kickass student is learned.

We’ve learned it and so can you, without having to figure it out trial-and-error or waste years of your life becoming good just before you graduate. Become an expert student now and reap the benefits!

3Life happens. There are a million legitimate reasons you might not be prepared for this exam (and a million illegitimate but fun ones, too).

Who cares about the reasons? Let’s crush your exam already!

Why should I learn from you?

Sure, we each graduated as the top student in our respective engineering schools—not just the top 10%. But more than that, we’ve helped hundreds of engineering students go from “gonna fail” to “rocked it!” in record time.

We started as classmates, became tutors and university TAs, and are now professional mentors because sharing success is addictive.

Not only do we know this engineering content inside and out. We’ve also figured out how to hack exams, score points, and show others how to pass like a pro. Being an expert exam taker and rock start student is a skill, and it’s not taught in school. Let us show you how.

Do you do anything besides Crammables?

Yes! Hassan runs an engineering and data consulting firm and is also a data science mentor and career coach. His scholarly articles on topics in fluid dynamics and numerical modelling have appeared in notable geeky, peer-reviewed journals.

Lacy cofounded Empower Dataworks with Hassan and specializes in the use of data, engineering, and strategic tech interventions. She has helped build four successful startups and has traveled and worked throughout the Americas from Alberta to Antarctica.

Where did you go to school?

Lacy portrait

Lacy earned a Bachelor’s degree in Community & Environmental Planning from the College of Built Environments at the University of Washington and two degrees (Mechanical Engineering and Computing Technology) from the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Ottawa (a bilingual university in Canada’s capital, eh?). Over her marathon student life, she has attended 6 universities in 4 countries (Ecuador, Canada, Spain, and the U S of A).

Hassan portrait

Hassan earned his Bachelor’s from Alexandria University in Egypt, the real deal where lecture halls hold over 500 students. And he has a Mechanical Engineering PhD from the University of Ottawa.

What was your GPA?

Alright, numbers friend. You went there….

Lacy graduated with the highest grade in the engineering department, summa-cum-laude, with a GPA of 9.98 (out of 10).

Hassan graduated with the highest grade in mechanical engineering with a GPA of 91 (out of 100) from a class of over 500. Oh, and his PhD research work combining machine learning AI and bubbles–we mean two-phase flow–is pretty catchy.